Visions of beating gravity - article in English
De ruimtelijke visioenen van een dwarsligger - artikel in het Nederlands

Blogs op, startend met 'New kid on the blog'
De Koffer van Rick - van KRO-NCRV (Dutch television)
The sky is no limit!

Articles on Asgardia.Space:
Asgardia Ministers of Manufacturing and Citizenship assume their duties
We should look at nature and go to space as a swarm
Presentations by Jacob Mulder and Cheryl Gallagher
We are building a Nation, so we need serious IT behind it
Blogs on Asgardia.Space

First steps:
“Sustainable Space Colony Swarm Architecture”
- presentation at Asgardia's first Space and Science Investment Congress
AIS - Asgardia Institute of Standards
ACQia - Institute of Asgardia for the Assurance of Compliance and Quality
Paletzorg.Space - healthcare partnership
AMIA - Asgardia Manufacturing & Integration Approach
with APMF - Asgardian Project Management Framework
IpfAMIA - Institute for the Promotion and Facilitation of AMIA
ACSM - Asgardia Components & Services Marketplace
Asgardia - A bright future for Manufacturing

Minister of Manufacturing at Asgardia, the Space Nation



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